Causes of ADHD

Author: Tayyab Shoaib

There can be a relapse of any medical problem. In addition to that, it is not possible to avoid a relapse if you are not aware of the causes. Even if you get the problem treated properly, if there is a relapse, you would not be able to avoid it. Thus, apart from the medications of a disease, it is essential to know about the causes.

1. Genetically Transferred

If something is running in generations, it does get transferred from one generation to the other. For instance, people who have diabetes usually inherit it. When something is transferred to you genetically, it is not that easy to avoid it. You can only focus on combating it and minimizing its effects. ADHD does get transferred from one generation to the other. If your mother or father had it, there are chances that you may have it as well. It is not a complete assurance that ADHD would be transferred to you from your parents but the possibilities are high.

2. Head Injuries

At times, the brain of a baby gets damaged while it is in the womb. This is a form of head injury that affects the child in the long run. It is also counted as one of the causes of ADHD. People who have head injuries do develop ADHD because their brain does not function normally. The other scenario is of adults who suffer head injuries in the later stages of life. For instance, if you have suffered major neural injuries due to an accident, your brain may not be functioning normally. This may lead to ADHD in worst-case situations. People who have damaged brains find it hard to pay attention to a task and perform day to day tasks.

3. Abnormal Brain Structure

Some things are natural and you cannot change them in any manner. One of them is the brain structure which you have by birth. According to various researches carried out. The brain structure of ADHD patients is different from normal people. In case of ADHD patients, some brain areas are smaller than normal. This is one of the prime reasons for the development of ADHD. People who have an abnormal brain structure have to opt for medications as counseling sessions do not work well for them.

4. Premature Pregnancy

Premature pregnancy is one of the main reasons for the development of ADHD in an individual. People who are born in the 37th week do not have a fully developed brain. This is the reason due to which they have limited ability to concentrate. Such people have a high probability of developing ADHD.