ADHD Symptoms

Author: Tayyab Shoaib

Knowing about the symptoms of a medical issue helps you in determining why it occurred in the first place. If you not aware of the symptoms, it would be hard to get a confirmation about whether you are actually suffering from a medical issue or not. Given below are some key symptoms of ADHD

1. Severe lack of concentration

The overall mental ability of an ADHD patient is much lower than normal. For instance, if you see a normal person who is not suffering from ADHD, he would not face any ambiguities in performing the day to day normal tasks. For instance, such a person would not face any challenges while crossing the road, walking on the street or communicating with someone. In other words, he would not face any challenges in performing normal everyday tasks. This is not the case when you talk about a person suffering from ADHD. Such people are unable to perform the day to day normal tasks.

2. Increased talkativeness

Some people have a habit of talking a lot but they do know when a conversation has to be initiated and where a stop has to be applied. People who suffer from ADHD may start talking when the need is just not there. This is something which you do not notice in normal people. Consider that you are sitting in the library where talking is not permitted and one of your colleagues sitting beside you is suffering from ADHD. He would start talking to you in a loud voice even when it is clear that you cannot communicate loudly while being present in the library. The simple reason is that such people do not have the level of focus which normal people have.

3. Getting confused and losing attention 

On a normal scale, people have a certain attention span after which the concentration and attentiveness start to slip away. However, people are able to concentrate again after a short break. This is not the case with ADHD patients.

  • ADHD patients are unable to be attentive for a short while as well. Students who suffer from ADHD are unable to concentrate on lectures for a maximum time span of 5 to 10 minutes. After this time duration, they lose the concentration span completely. In other words, they are unable to focus on anything else. 
  • ADHD patients get confused with even the most obvious things. For example, we all know that the sun rises from the east but an ADHD patient would be confused while going through this fact. People suffering from this disorder cannot concentrate on the easiest things as well. They do not have the ability to absorb facts and develop an understanding. Thus, even if they go through the most basic concepts, they tend to get confused.
  • People who suffer from ADHD cannot do proper jobs due to a lack of concentration. While being at work, people are required to concentrate on long spans of time. During meetings, conferences, and other official commitments, ADHD patients are unable to concentrate properly. In other words, such people cannot do full-time jobs.

4. Increased irritation and frustration

People who have ADHD carry very little tolerance for combating irritation and frustration. Some situations may be irritating and frustrating. However, every normal person has a certain level of tolerance. If the situation is beyond that level, the frustration level goes beyond tolerance. In case of ADHD patients, even the simplest situation goes beyond the tolerance limit. Consider an example.

f you are driving on the road and someone overtakes you, you may not lose your temper immediately because the situation is not that severe. On the other hand, an ADHD patient may not be able to combat the situation in such a simple manner. He may lose his temper immediately and even get involved in a physical brawl. In an overall manner, it can be said that people who suffer from ADHD have a low tolerance level. They cannot handle situations with even a slight level of frustration involved.