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Services We Provide Special For You

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Wordpress Plugin

For WordPress websites, we build custom plugin because it is a good method according to wordpress.org. Your Calculator can be applied on any page with a shortcode.

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Source Code

Building Calculator with custom HTML, CSS and JavaScript so it can be placed at any web portal by copying and pasting its Source Code.

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Professional and user-friendly design. It will match with your website's design like the colour combination and box models.

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We are professional in making calculator design for all devices like mobile, laptop/desktop and tabs.

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Cross Browser

Our Calculator will be cross-browser compatible with all popular browsers like Chrome, Safari, Firefox, Opera and IE Edge.

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Realtime Calculations

To make calculator user friendly we programme calculations to perform in realtime so no reload the entire page to show the result.

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Store User Information

Integrate calculator with your database to store user information along with inputs. It can be very helpful for marketing purpose.

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SEO Friendly

We are on-page SEO experts. So, calculator structure and content will be SEO-friendly.

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Fast Load

Our experienced development team always program shorter code, so the calculator could load faster on mobile as well as desktop.

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Step Form

We provide most of the services according to the customer’s demand so if someone asks to build a calculator as a step form, we accept that challenge too.

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Excel to Web

We are pro in converting complicated excel sheets to website calculator

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PDF Report

We can program to generate a pdf report to download or send a user via email

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MS Word Report

Feature to generate word document from the result which can be downloaded and sent via email

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Send Email

We provide a feature to send result to user via email or ping to the admin

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Clone Calculator

We believe everything is possible in the web world. So, if someone asks for a clone of any online or competitor’s calculator, we accept that challenge too.

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Reload Result

Most SEO experts believe that bounce rate is a ranking factor and ask to build a calculator where result shows after page reload. We do that for customer satisfaction.

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Print Result

Feature to add a button to print out result in well-formatted form.

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Graph charts are the best way to represent results to the user. We can perform this in real-time as well.

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Calculator Settings

We build calculator setting’s page where only the admin can add, update and delete values and formulas.

Process to Build Calculator

Step 1

Gathering Information

we required complete calculator documentation to start working. We prefer working excel sheet/google sheet but we also accept other documents if well described. Sample calculator links also work.

Step 2


We assign a manager to your project who will go through and all documentation and understand calculations. Manager ask questions and give suggestions if required.

Step 3


After brainstorming manager will assign the designing task to a graphic designer to make professional design according to your website.

Step 4


After proving from both end (our and client) manager will assign a calculator to the development team to make the calculator fully functional along with design.

Step 5


A beta version will be live and all team together including designer, developer and manager will test each and every possible case to verify that calculator performance is on point.

Step 6

Final Delivering

It will be time to install your calculator on your website.

We Build Calculator For

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Make Your Calculator Dream Come True!

Setting Page You can add, change and remove values on this page Option for Print Result, Export Result MS Files PDF, Word document and Excel sheet Email including Template, images, PDF Excel and document files or links


Calcualtor For WordPress Websites


Calculators With Only Source Code


Calculator for Online Builder like wix, webflow, shopify etc.